4ward Physiotherapy Ltd Infection Control Policy – September 2020


• 4ward Physiotherapy Ltd has a ‘Virtual first’ approach in place – with clear triaging, assessment and identification of clients who are vulnerable or extremely vulnerable if they contract COVID-19

• If face to face treatment is indicated: Barrier nursing with disposable gloves, aprons and fluid resistant surgical masks will be worn by the therapist when in contact with any client and changed in between each client contact.

• A visor will be worn by the therapist for any clients who are actively coughing, have a current diagnosis of a chest infection or a pre-existing respiratory medical condition.

• Alcohol hand sanitiser will be used prior to and following each client contact.

• Uniform will be laundered at above 60 degrees and separate from any other household clothes. Uniform will be laundered in a washing machine with no more than half the capacity of the machine and tumbled dried. Shoes worn by therapist will be fluid resistant and wipeable.

• Therapist will observe social distancing in line with Government advice outside the workplace.

• The Physiotherapy assessment will be conducted outside as much as possible taking into account confidentiality and safety.

• Newly laundered uniform will be worn at the beginning of each working day.

• Decontamination of all equipment used during therapy session will be completed prior to use and after use, with single use detergent wipes in line with PHE advice and disposed of with the therapists used PPE. The therapist will not to utilise equipment that cannot be adequately decontaminated.

• PPE will be disposed of appropriately in line with DEFRA and PHE advice.

• Appropriate training on donning and doffing of PPE is completed and regularly refreshed by the therapist as well as hand washing techniques.

• Therapist will wear a fluid resistant surgical face mask and visor at all times during attendance in client’s home.

• The client should ensure all other members of the household remain in another room during treatment and remain socially distanced, unless essential for assessment and treatment. Therapist will clearly discuss associated risks with relatives and clients prior to arrival.

• The therapist will ask the client to confirm that their household has not had any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to the appointment and also prior to commencing each treatment.

• The therapist will ask the client to confirm that they have not been in known contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID 19 in the past 10 days.

• The therapist will ask the client to confirm that they have not been contacted by track and trace and asked to self-isolate in the past 10 days.

• If the therapist develops symptoms of COVID 19, they will immediately self-isolate, arrange to be tested and inform track and trace if the test is positive.

4ward Physiotherapy Ltd will not visit any resident who is suspected of having COVID 19.

4ward Physiotherapy Ltd will clearly discuss all rationale for face to face or remote treatment selection with client and the associated risks and benefits and seek their fully informed consent. This consent will be clearly documented with rationale for decision.

• All home exercise programmes will be emailed to the client and paper copies of exercises only to be issued if the client is unable to utilise online services.

• Clients will be encouraged to wear fluid resistant surgical face mask during assessment and treatment taking into account any pre-existing medical conditions where this may not be possible

• Clients will be encouraged to wash hands and or apply hand gel prior to therapist commencing treatment and afterwards
• Contactless payments accepted only via SumUp machine or BACS payment


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